About Us

The Managers are:

Tamir Goldstein

M.Sc in Organisational Psychology
B.Sc in Behavioural Science and Education
Tamir has been in the field for over 20 years and has fulfilled a variety of positions such as: Mentor, Key Worker, Senior RSW, Project Manager in Outdoor Training for disadvantaged young people and as a consultant to educational frameworks.

Henry Emele

B.A in Anthropological History
Level 3 in Mentoring Young Adults and Children
Henry has been in the field for over 8 years and has fulfilled a variety of positions such as: Home Leader in semi-independent settings for young adults, Key Worker, Project Assistant Manager, Young Adult Mentor, Youth Worker, Learning Mentor, and Care Support Worker. Henry has also collaborated with Judicial Police as an Auxiliary, and continues to collaborate with children and adult social care services as an interpreter.

All Staffs are either qualified to NVQ Level 3 in health and social care or undertaking the qualification and has a wide range of experiences in the home care setting. We welcome staff from a variety of backgrounds and range of experiences, who share our commitment to help and support young people.

Sunrise Homes Services believe in the continued professional development of the staff team. Through ongoing development and training we ensure our staff are well prepared for their jobs and given every opportunity to extend their skills.

We take good care of our staff, so they are in the best position to take good care of our people. We offer accredited training programmes including diplomas in Health and Social Care L3 & Leadership L2, supplemented by additional learning opportunities, to keep our teams up to date with the latest guidelines and best practice.

We know that the nature of our work can be challenging at times, so we equip our teams with the skills and knowledge to manage the situations and cope with their experiences. Regular supervision, assessments and reviews of staff developmental needs are carried out and swiftly acted upon.